Bro Code: Jason Kelce Addresses Travis Hanging Out With Taylor Swift

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Jason Kelce is sticking up for his fellow Super Bowl winning brother Travis after reports circulated this week that he and Taylor Swift may be having some love interest in one another.

After the Eagles 34-28 victory over the Vikings last night, Kelce joined the Amazon Prime Nightcap post show program where he was asked about the potential budding relationship. But Jason’s no fool, he played it as cool as possible about his younger brother being involved in some way with the biggest star in the world right now.


“I have a 15-year-old daughter and she’s a big fan of a certain pop star and you talk about family and I’ve been hearing about rumors that there’s maybe some stuff [happening between Travis and Taylor]” analyst Tony Gonzalez asked Jason.

Immediately the rest of the panel throw their hands up in the air with someone joking that they were going all TMZ and co-analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick just cracking up at Gonzalez’s question.

“Ever since ‘Catching Kelce’ everyone’s been infatuated with Travis’ love life so I don’t really know what’s going on there, but I know Travis is having fun, so we’ll see what happens with whomever he ends up with,” Jason responded.

Oh I bet he’s having fun alright!

Shouts to Jason for knowing the deal – don’t ever talk bad about family – especially on TV of all places.


A few weeks ago Travis talked about wanting to meet Taylor Swift while attending her Kansas City concert but was unable to because she goes on vocal rest before and after the show.

In true chivalrous form, Travis mentioned that he made her a bracelet that he wanted to give her and was bummed he never got to. The clip of course began trending and eventually caught the attention of Swift.

Just the other day both Travis and Taylor were hanging out in New York City with rumors that the two are spending more time together. TMZ reports that their sources however said that the two are “just friends…” Yeah, have you never listened to a Taylor Swift song? Isn’t that how it always starts off?

A Kelce – Swift relationship would be hilarious to see as pretty much everyone loves Travis for his fun and wild personality. The Chiefs organization however probably would like Kelce to focus moreso on staying healthy after missing Week 1 with a knee injury and sitting out the Chiefs loss to the Lions.

But how often does one get the opportunity be on Taylor Swift’s radar which inevitably would end up in a song being written about them like all her other exes? Hell, he already has 2 Super Bowl rings maybe a wedding ring should be next.

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