Brittany Matthews Calls Unlikeable Jackson Mahomes’ Critics ‘Ignorant’

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It’s incredible how far Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has gone with Brittany Mahomes and TikToker/younger brother Jackson by his side.

Jackson dances for social media while BM complains about Patrick Mahomes’ critics, even when there are few.

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But when Jackson and Brittany, two titans of irritation, team up, they’re an unstoppable mess.

Brittany Mahomes Defends Annoying Bro-In-Law, Jackson

During an Instagram Stories Q&A on Sunday, Brittany Mahomes stepped in to protect her brother-in-law after a fan asked her about the 22-year-old’s controversial streak.

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Brittany called Jackson’s critics “ignorant” and told them to shut up.

“They are ignorant,” Brittany Mahomes responded. “He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes (which no one ever will) you have no right to say s— about him. So it’s best to just shut up.”


To say that online jabs at a full-time TikTok dancer aren’t fair was a bit of a Hail Mary for Brittany. After all, this is also the guy who allegedly forced a kiss on a stranger and danced for a TikTok at Sean Taylor’s memorial at FedEx Field.

BM also threw a jab at women that flirt with Patrick Mahomes during the Q&A. Her response was reasonable and concise, of course.

“Lol it’s actually really sad how disrespectful some women are,” Matthews said. “But they are a waste of my time and not going to disturb my peace.”

Brittany hasn’t been in good standing with football fans, either. From spraying water all over Ravens fans after a Chiefs win to calling refs out for having a secret agenda against Pat Mahomes, BM has been guilty of similar levels of annoyance as Jackson, which makes her support fairly obvious.

All of the awareness clearly ended up with Patrick.

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