British Transgender Cyclist Emily Bridges Will Now Race Cycling Legend Laura Kenny After Beating Men In February

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British transgender cyclist Emily Bridges, who is considered the Lia Thomas of Great Britain, will race biological female cyclists this weekend just weeks after beating fellow biological males during a university event.

Bridges’ debut in women’s cycling will come Saturday at the National Omnium Championships at the Derby Arena Velodrome against Olympic competition, including Dame Laura Kenny, who, with her five cycling gold medals and a silver, is hailed as the most decorated female Olympian in Great Britain’s history.

And now Bridges, who started testosterone suppression treatments a year ago, will get an immediate shot at Kenny and other biological women.

“After starting hormone therapy, I didn’t want to race in the male category any more than I had to,” Bridges told Cycling Weekly magazine in early March.

In October 2020 Zach Bridges the 19-year-old, from Cwmbran in Wales, came out as transgender and now identifies as Emily Bridges. (Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images)

Just like that, Bridges is no longer racing fellow biological males. Next up: biological women.

While American transgender lightning rod Lia Thomas had a large gap of time between racing men before converting over to making biological females cry before races, Bridges was racing men in late February. And beating them.

“Having already helped the Men’s Team Pursuit team to a medal, she lined up in the Men’s points race (held over 30km). The grueling format, in which Sprints take place every 10 laps, is a mixture of strategy and endurance. Rather than sit back, it was Emily who took control of the lead midway through the race,” the University of Nottingham’s sports information department wrote about the late February championships race.

“After winning consecutive sprints, she was able to build a sizeable lead and she needed to! With double points awarded on the final lap, it was imperative that a sizeable gap could be maintained and heading into the final lap, Emily knew she had done enough to win BUCS Gold.

“Cheered on by her teammates, the smile written across her face spoke volumes of the relief and satisfaction to take victory on the final race of the Championship,” the sports information PR team continued.

You can most likely figure out where this is going.

According to the Daily Mail, Bridges could be fast-tracked to Team Great Britain’s cycling program to first compete for Wales at this summer’s Commonwealth Games before ramping up to a spot on Team GB for the 2024 Olympics to compete on the same pursuit team as the legendary Dame Laura Kenny.

And it’ll all come at the expense of a biological female who has worked her ass off for her entire life to get a shot at the 2024 Olympics.

Former Olympic medal-swimmer Sharron Davies, who just went through months of trying to tell the NCAA what was coming with the Lia Thomas controversy, says biological females are now reaching out to her because they’re afraid of what would happen if they spoke out about Bridges.

“British Cycling ought to be ashamed of themselves,” Davies told the Daily Mail. “I have had quite a few of the girls very distressed on the phone. They are frustrated and disappointed.

“They are all for inclusion but not at the loss of fairness and opportunities for biological females.

“I can’t see how this isn’t sexual discrimination in the tallest order. Reducing testosterone does not mitigate male puberty advantage,” Davies added.

In October 2020 Zach Bridges the 19-year-old, from Cwmbran in Wales, came out as transgender and now identifies as Emily Bridges. (Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images)

As was the case with swimmers here in the U.S. who had to face Lia Thomas, there is great fear for the athletes who don’t fall in line and become good soldiers.

At this point, British Cycling says as long as Bridges meets the testosterone levels, they’re not going to stand in the way.

That means you’ll get races like Saturday’s event featuring a biological male racing against Great Britain’s most decorated female Olympian.

The wokes are just getting warmed up. Which sport is next?

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • I heard a great one today, and that’s ‘Woke NATO’. You’re never going to hear any of these groups ever speak out against any of the others (i.e., you’ll never get the trans lobby to ever say anything bad about BLM, and vice versa) because that would ruin the scam. So, no matter how absurd, the left is going to keep their mouths shut. To speak up would be to invoke the Woke NATO Article V.

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