British Couple Hosts Naked Family Christmas Party

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A pair of British nudists don’t believe in getting dressed up for any occasion, and that includes Christmas brunch.

Helen Berriman and her husband Simon plan to have their family over on Christmas Day to play games, have cocktails and enjoy a holiday meal. You know, totally normal stuff. Except that Helen and Simon will be completely naked.

British Couple Hosts Naked Christmas Party
Helen and Simon Berriman say their families are supportive of their unorthodox lifestyle. (New York Post via Caters News Agency)

“My teenage daughter and my mom both totally accept our lifestyle,” Helen said. “They really don’t think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory.”

And you thought your family was embarrassing.

British Couple Hosts Naked Christmas Party
Helen Berriman, in all her glory. (New York Post via Caters News Agency)

Simon Converted Helen to Nudism

When the couple began dating in 2015, single-mom Helen was living a conventional life, working in an optometrist’s office and wearing pants. It wasn’t until 2020 that she built up the confidence to adopt the lifestyle of her longtime-nudist boyfriend.

“I was concerned as to whether it bothered my daughter, but when I asked her, she said it really didn’t bother her at all,” Helen said. “When I was furloughed in 2020, I realized that Simon worked from home naked anyway, and then he started being naked in the back garden, in full view of the neighbors. I was mortified, but then I realized that they really didn’t care.”

Yes, I’m certain no one batted an eye.

Berriman and her husband have a circle of friends who are also nudists. (New York Post via Caters News Agency)

So Helen ditched her job at the optometrist’s office and began working from home as writer for a naturist’s magazine. No clothing required.

“I realized I’d wasted 20 years of my life worrying about what people think I should be wearing,” she said.

Good for Helen. We wish the best for the festive Berriman family as they pull up a chair and break some Christmas bread.

I just hope they put a towel over the chair first.

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