Morgan Wallen Joins Rising Country Artist For Surprise Duet Of Classic Kid Rock Karaoke Song At Christmas Party

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Morgan Wallen is just like the rest of us after a few drinks. He is obviously a better vocalist than the average bar-goer. But once the music starts pumping through our veins, the urge to sing along is hard to suppress.

That was the case earlier this year in Knoxville.

It was also the case last week when the multi-platinum recording artist celebrated the season at his agency’s Christmas party at Cross-Eyed Critters, a karaoke bar in Nashville. He joined rising country music artist Lauren Watkins, who is also signed to the same agency, for a classic, go-to duet.

The chances are, if you have ever been to a karaoke bar in the South (or anywhere cowboy boots, really), you’ve heard someone hop on the mic for a tone deaf rendition of Kid Rock’s ‘Picture,’ featuring Sheryl Crow. At least once.

Sometimes the karaoke-singer tries to handle the male and female parts by his and/or herself. Other times, one eager vocalist hops up on stage and drags his/her friend up to join. On rare occasions, both singers are equally as excited to go back-and-forth with each other.

No matter how it shakes out, it’s usually not too inspiring. That was not the case at The Neal Agency party.

Morgan Wallen and Lauren Watkins couldn’t have sounded better!

In this instance, Wallen did not try to do his best Crow impression. He took the role of the man legally known as Robert James Ritchie, and Watkins handled the rest.

While the biggest name in country music did a fine job with Kid Rock’s part, Watkins was the star of the show. She did a great job with the verses while sipping on a Michelob ULTRA. And as could be expected, the other attendees joined in at every opportunity.

To make it even cooler, Watkins and Wallen broke it down A capella to close out their performance.


accidentally shut down the company christmas party. we ♥️ the neal agency #thenealagency #morganwallen #fyp

♬ original sound – Lauren Watkins

Everything about The Neal Agency Christmas party was so Nashville— from the animatronics in the background to the impromptu duet with the biggest name in country music. Merry Christmas from Music City!

Written by Grayson Weir

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