ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Is Already Putting The Idea Of A Kyrie Irving-Kevin Durant Reunion Into The Universe

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The split between Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in Brooklyn happened all of 17 seconds ago, yet ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst is already suggesting the duo could pair up again as early as next season.


Irving is set to be a free agent this summer, so if the Dallas Mavericks don’t drum up a deal for the point guard then there’s a chance he lands with the Suns. There’s also a chance he lands with 20 other teams in the NBA in the offseason, but Durant now plays for Phoenix so Windhorst is connecting those dots all for the drama.

“First off, I’d like to just point out that Kyrie and James Harden are free agents in the summer. So if you think this is over, it ain’t over,” Windhorst said on ‘Get Up.’ And Kyrie really was interested in being in Phoenix. So just start thinking about that.”

Stirring up drama and spewing countless ‘what if’ possibilities is what Windhorst is paid to do at ESPN nowadays. He’s turned into some sort of character who looks at NBA contracts, mentions them on air, and then tries to come across as the smartest guy in the room while all he’s actually doing is throwing stuff at a wall praying that it sticks.

More often than not, nothing sticks.

To Windhorst’s defense, both the NBA regular season and offseason are more like a reality TV show than a professional sports league. Drama, and where superstars around the league may end up, are what drives the NBA up until the postseason when actual meaningful basketball is played.

Windhorst has turned in his capital j journalist notebook and embraced his role of creating talking points by saying things he knows will get a rise out of fans.

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