Following An Odd Timeline And His Children Publicly Denying Reports, Brian Kelly Isn’t Getting Divorced After All

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LSU head football coach Brian Kelly reportedly filed for divorce earlier this week, but all signs point to him and his wife sticking together after their kids got involved on social media.

Thursday evening Todd Horne of Tiger Rag first reported that Kelly had filed for divorce from his wife, Fransisca, on Monday. A WBRZ report claimed that the two, who have been married for 28 years, were set to physically separate on Thursday.

WBRZ published the court filing showing that Kelly had in fact filed for divorce earlier in the week with his wife’s name listed as well.

Shortly after the court filing was made public, WBRZ reported that the Kellys had “reconciled” things and were looking to have the case withdrawn from the courts.

Between the original report of Kellly seeking a divorce and the following of him and his wife working things out, all three of the couple’s children jumped on social media to publically refute the divorce report.

This all feels very strange, three children of a high-profile college football coach jumping on Twitter in a 20-minute span to say their parents are sticking together.


Patrick Kelly’s tweet claiming “fake news” isn’t entirely accurate, either, given that a very real court document was filed by Brian Kelly to divorce his wife.

Let’s also not sidestep that there is a greater than 0% chance that Kelly could have filed for divorce without telling his family yet and the local news station scooped the report before he was able to do so.

But hey, here’s to 28 more years of marriage for the Kellys and no more divorce rumors on Twitter.

Written by Mark Harris

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