Brett Favre Weighs In On Rodgers Return

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Count Packers legend Brett Favre amongst those who weren’t shocked to see quarterback Aaron Rodgers return to Green Bay, even if bringing him back didn’t come cheap.

“It wasn’t much from a surprise perspective,” Favre said during his weekly appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

As Favre sees it, Rodgers returned to Title Town because they provide him with the best chance to add a second Super Bowl ring to his jewelry box.

“I have said this all along and will continue to say this. I assume that Aaron’s objective is to try and get to the Super Bowl,” he continued. “His best chance to get there has been in Green Bay the last two years.”

Favre doesn’t have any insider knowledge direct from his former understudy, but it’s clear that he believes that Rodgers likes the team Green Bay’s assembled around him.

“I haven’t talked to Aaron. I don’t know what his vision is like, but I gotta assume that he is thinking, ‘Hey I got a good thing going on here, so I might as well come back and try my chances,’” added Favre.

Various reports have speculated that Rodgers’ decision to reup with the Packers came with a handsome raise. Most estimates have the 38-year-old QB penciled in at around $200 million over four seasons.

And though Favre understands Rodgers’ decision to return for big bucks and a few more shots at a title, he does acknowledge that the Packers have committed a very large portion of their salary cap to Rodgers, who is, after all, just one player.

“As far as the contract, it’s gotta be close to what they are speculating,” Favre said via SiriusXM. “Is anyone worth that kind of money? Probably not, but it’s the way the market works.”

Even in retirement, Favre isn’t afraid to take a shot.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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