Brent Venables Rants About Commits Visiting Other Schools, Compares It To Marriage

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Oklahoma coach Brent Venables is not a fan of committed recruits visiting other schools.

Recruiting can be a vicious game in the world of college football, and it’s absolutely cutthroat. Until a kid signs his letter of intent, he’s fair game and a verbal commitment hardly means much.

In fact, verbally committed players visit other schools, and Venables wants that to end!

Brent Venables rants about recruits visiting other schools. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

“I know this. There’s a lot of flaws in taking a commitment, making a reservation and then going doing your thing. How can I manage a roster or who else I have to offer if I’ve got nine guys committed, but they’re going to Bama, Georgia, and A&M,” Venables said during his truly incredible rant.

He then likened committing to a school to getting married instead of dating “four or five women” and “feeling some kind of way.” Buckle up and enjoy his comments below!

Do we think Venables is fired up or do we think Venables is fired up about committed players visiting other schools?

He might not have named anyone specific, but once you start talking about marriage and commitment with so much fire in your voice, you know you’re jacked up.

Venables had been waiting to get this off his chest for a long time, and he finally did!

Oklahoma coach Brent Venables talks about committed players visiting other schools. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for Venables, he needs to understand teenagers change their minds all the time. They’re kids! They’re children!

Believe it or not, as any parent will tell you, teenagers occasionally make mistakes. A kid might like a school and then change his mind.

Welcome to reality. As long as that letter of intent isn’t signed, it’s hard for Venables to justify being angry.

Brent Venables doesn’t like committed players visiting other schools. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Finally, we better never see Venables ever recruit a kid who is verbally committed. We don’t need a hypocrite running the show in Norman!

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