Brazilian Volleyball Player Key Alves Says Neymar Tried To Pick Her & Her Twin Sister Up

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Brazilian volleyball player Key Alves continues to find success off the court. The 23-year-old Screencaps vet is now pushing 8 million followers on Instagram after jumping on OnlyFans, where she earns 50 times what she makes playing volleyball.

“Whether I like it or not, today it’s my biggest income,” she admitted. “I earn about 50 times more with digital platforms than with volleyball, and more on OnlyFans, because the monthly price of 16 euros is fixed ($13.99 a month).”

Key Alves Keyt Alves Neymar
Neymar of Brazil during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)

Key’s not even getting naked on the platform. She said of her exclusive content, “The photos I post on my OnlyFans page are totally intended for ‘light’ and professional sessions. No nudity or anything like that. Anyone looking for this on my profile won’t find it.”

With a following that large there’s no need for nudity. A certain percentage, one that is making it very lucrative for her, is going to hand over their money to see the racier side of the volleyball player.

A following that large is going to get you noticed in other ways as well. Key is currently a contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother Brasil. During the most recent episode of the show she shared that she and her twin sister Keyt ended up on Neymar’s radar.

Keyt, despite being Key’s twin sister, is under the two million follower mark on Instagram. But that didn’t keep Neymar from shooting his shot.

According to Key, the 31-year-old Brazilian soccer legend has slid into both of the Alves sisters’ DMs. He even joked about getting with both of them.

Here’s the Daily Star’s interpretation of what was said by Key about Neymar. She told her fellow reality TV star and musical artist, Marvvila, “Do you know what his slip-up was?”

“He was chatting to my twin sister, before she was in a relationship. Then she started dating and he stopped. Then what did he do? He sent me a message, as if the two of us hadn’t discussed him calling her.”

Key says she played along with him before he said, “‘Who knows, maybe I’ll get with both of you.'”

Seems like a crazy thing for a normal person to do, but soccer players, especially of Neymar’s caliber, aren’t normal people. Key assumes that he slipped up here and that he wouldn’t expect the twins to discuss exchanging messages with him.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s much more likely he knew they would talk and is only partially joking about getting with the twins. Soccer players outside of the U.S. are living a completely different life than the rest of us.

Written by Sean Joseph

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