Brazilian Model Marks The Start Of The Women’s World Cup With Nothing But A Team Brazil Shirt On

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The Women’s World Cup is here or so I’ve been told. While it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be watching any of the action – not a soccer guy – there are millions of people from around the world that will be.

One of those taking in the soccer action, and rooting for her country’s team, is Brazilian model Cris Galera. She marked the start of the Women’s World Cup in a way that’s more of what I’ll be on the lookout for as the action unfolds.

Galera took to Instagram with a version of a Team Brazil jersey with nothing else on. She had a message to pass along for her more than 507,000 followers. Not only was she glad the World Cup was underway, she was already doing her part to cheer the team on.

Her part did not require any pants, or anything on below the waist, for that matter. The model told her followers, and anyone else who happened upon the unique show of support, “Glad the Women’s World Cup has already started.”

“Will you be watching it too? Cause I’m already here cheering!,” she continued. “Must be encouraged !!! Go girls go Brazil!”

Cris Galera Is Pure Entertainment

Is this show of support inspiring or motivational? I couldn’t tell you. That’s more of a question for the players. What I can tell you is that it created some buzz for this five-time cover model.

Surprisingly that’s nothing new for this model. A couple of years ago, Galera married herself. It was a short-lived marriage that ended just a few of months later when she met someone else.

She’s obviously got a lot going on. Some might call it a red flag or an indication of something lurking in the background. I call it entertainment.

There aren’t going to be too many dull moments when Cris Galera is around. Sometimes those moments involve less clothing than others.

Whatever you have to do to make soccer more entertaining – I’m all for it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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