Bray Wyatt’s Sudden Death Happened While He Was Napping, Fiancee Found Him ‘Turning Blue’

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Windham Rotunda, known in WWE as Bray Wyatt, died last Thursday from a heart attack at the age of 36.

TMZ obtained law enforcement records to provide further details about his death. According to the report, Wyatt had been taking a nap at the time when his fiance, former WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman, noticed he did not awake upon the sound of his alarm.

Offerman found him in his bed, not breathing, and “turning blue.” Her mother attempted CPR while she called 911.

Bray Wyatt was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night.

Dave Meltzer, the foremost authority on professional wrestling, reported last week that Wyatt had been dealing with heart complications since 2021, when he first left the company.

Wyatt returned to the company in October as one of the most popular performers in the company

WWE booked Wyatt for a match at last April’s WrestleMania with Bobby Lashley. However, Wyatt quietly disappeared from WWE television shortly after and the match was removed from the card.

It was later reported he was dealing with a real-life illness.

Fans did hear about Wyatt until earlier in August when a Fightful report revealed the performer dealt with a “life-threatening” injury after a bout with Covid. The report noted he was doing better and set to return to WWE soon.

And then WWE’s head of creative, Paul “Triple H” Levesque announced his passing on Thursday.

His condition appeared to worsen sometime in early August. TMZ says Wyatt was hospitalized for a heart issue a week before he died.

He met with doctors the morning of his death, in which they recommended he continue to wear an external heart defibrillator.    

Those are the only details we know of at this time.

In the ring, Bray Wyatt was among the most creative minds. His depictions of horror film-like characters were purposely over the top and cartoon-ish. Yet they worked.

For wrestling fans of the 1990s, consider him the new era’s Undertaker.

Wyatt portrayed a cult leader who summoned other misfits during his first run on the main roster. The character was a mixture of  Robert De Niro’s portrayal of Max Cady in “Cape Fear” and something out of Stephen King’s more obscure collections:

Fans loved it.

He later introduced a split-personality persona in which he morphed back and forth between a friendly-mannered children’s television show host and a demonic force known as “The Fiend.”

Fans loved this gimmick even more:

As The Fiend, Wyatt sold as much merchandise as anyone on the WWE roster.

When Wyatt returned to the company last year, he introduced another gimmick. This time, he tried to resist his inner violence but could not escape the presence of an eerie being called “Uncle Howdy.”

It is believed Wyatt’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas, was behind the Uncle Howdy mask. The storyline was never completed.

Rest easy, Wyatt.

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