Brandin Cooks NOT Happy With Houston Texans, Will Not Play On Thursday Night Football

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Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks is not playing on Thursday Night Football even though his team is playing the Philadelphia Eagles and needs the help.

Fellow wide receiver Nico Collins is also not playing for the Texans because of a groin injury,

Cooks has been away from the team the past two days for “personal reasons.” That, plus the game he may or may not be watching from his couch, is testament to how he feels about his current team and situation.

Brandin Cooks reacts to not being traded by Houston Texans, will not play against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football.
Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans walks off the field after a loss to the Indianapolis Colts and will not play against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Brandin Cooks Reacts to Trade Status

Cooks, you see, was on the trade block the past couple of weeks and he knew it. Everyone knew it.

And that was good news because the Texans wanted to get a good draft pick for the accomplished wide receiver.

Multiple teams wanted to add an accomplished wide receiver.

Brandin Cooks, meanwhile, wanted to escape the experience that is playing for the 1-5-1 Houston Texans.

So he stayed away from the team on Tuesday because that was the NFL trade deadline.

Except … he wasn’t traded.

And that made Cooks a not happy dude.

So Cooks continued to stay away from the Texans on Wednesday — again, as an excused absence for personal reasons. And now he’s staying away from the team on game day.


What is it with the Texans and keeping their star players on the sideline? (Google Deshaun Watson 2021 Texans).

Anyway, the Dallas Cowboys tried to trade for Cooks on Tuesday.

At least one other team was in negotiations with the Texans about Cooks, an NFL source told OutKick. The Rams were interested in Cooks, another source said.

But obviously the Texans decided they weren’t getting the value they needed to move on from Cooks. One source said it had to do with picking up future guarantees on the player’s contract.

Cooks has an $18 million guaranteed salary in 2023.

So here we are …

The Texans, by the way, say they’ll regroup with Cooks after tonight’s loss game. They really don’t have a choice.

Cooks, one source said, is expecting to request his release if he hasn’t done that already.

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