Brandel Chamblee Gets Into Awkward Standoff With Brad Faxon About Brooks Koepka Potentially Making Ryder Cup Team

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Brooks Koepka winning what was his third PGA Championship at Oak Hill not only killed the narrative that LIV golfers aren’t equipped to compete on the game’s biggest stages, but it also created the reality that he could earn a spot on this year’s U.S. Ryder Cup team.

Brandel Chamblee, who has without question been LIV Golf’s most consistent critic in mainstream golf media, doesn’t necessarily want to see that happen. The Golf Channel analyst made that clear, in a very awkward way, during a heated exchange with Brad Faxon during Sunday’s edition of ‘Live From The PGA Championship.’


Faxon makes the very clear and truthful point that the Ryder Cup has nothing to do with money, and Koepka is still every bit of an American despite leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. His comment seemed to get the best of Chamblee, as all he could do was repeat Faxon’s “they’re playing for their country” during the segment.

Brandel Chamblee Consistent With His LIV Golf Bashing

To be fair to Chamblee, he has not changed his stance about LIV Golf since day one. He believes the Saudi-backed circuit is nothing but a sports washing operation and has been critical of the fact that the league is entirely funded by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

While Chamblee’s opinions about Saudi Arabia’s deplorable human rights record are accurate, it can’t be lost that not only is he a former PGA Tour player, but his livelihood also depends on the success of the Tour.

One could argue that Chamblee is the spearhead among the media continually drumming up this feud between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf as players from both sides have said the rivalry is only being fabricated in media circles. Chamblee trying to pin the Ryder Cup as some anti-LIV event is just the latest example of that.

Chamblee can continue to go to bat for the PGA Tour and bash LIV Golf, but the reality is that the PGA of America has confirmed that LIV golfers are eligible to compete for the United States at the Ryder Cup later this year.

Koepka, along with the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson, still maintains their PGA of America membership. Seeing as how Koepka just won the PGA Championship after finishing T-2 at the Masters, he’s certainly made a case to be selected.

Not only that, but unless he struggles at the U.S. Open and Open he could very well qualify on points alone, which at that point U.S. captain Zach Johnson will be left with no choice other than to bring him to Rome.

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  1. Enough on bringing up the Saudi’s human rights abuses it seems whenever LIV is mentioned. The official US Department of State website lists Saudi Arabia as an ally of the United States. We trade them weapons we manufacture for their oil. Do we talk about Saudi’s human rights abuses every time we fill up our gas tank? Of course not, this is all just a PR stunt that the leftist media has been bought off on to protect the PGA Tour. There is nothing wrong with competition and all golfers will benefit from the LIV tour. We’ve already seen the PGA Tour purses going up to compete.

  2. If a “Human Rights” record is going to be the metric by which all things are measured, why would we trade with CCP-run China? Russia? Hell, pretty much the entirety of the Middle East for that matter. Chamblee is just a PGA tool, like most of the Media gaggle.

    Good for Brooks Koepka. I hope he wins more.

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