Brad Pitt’s New Movie Will Be ‘Invasive’ To Race Weekends According To F1 President

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Having a big-budget Hollywood production shining a light on your sport sounds like a great thing. Especially when a superstar like Brad Pitt is attached to that film. However, as Formula 1 president Stefano Domenicali points out, having a production like that on hand during a race weekend could be a nuisance.

Pitt’s new Formula 1 flick for AppleTV has been in the works for a while now. It’s one of several F1 movies, shows, and documentaries in the works.

Lewis Hamilton is attached to this project as a producer, as is Jerry Bruckheimer. Joseph Kosinski, fresh off of Top Gun: Maverick, will direct.

They plan to shoot at real race weekends, which will be amazing for the film itself. However, the concern is that production could get in the way of actual racing. Domenicalli said that Formula 1 has to make sure this doesn’t happen.

“When we started the collaboration with Netflix, the [F1] community said what’s going on? This is not our place to be,” he told a group of investors, per, alluding to the smash hit Netflix documentary series Drive To Survive.

Brad Pitt was doing his homework at the 2022 United States Grand Prix. (Photo by Dan Istitene – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

F1 Harnessing The Power Of Media, Even If It’s ‘Invasive’

Dive To Survive is credited with a sharp increase in Formula 1’s popularity. It’s a primary reason why F1 is popular enough to host three events in the United States this season. Domenicalli noted that F1 knows how powerful media is in growing the sport. He says Pitt’s movie is another one of those tools at their disposal.

“And that’s another tool with the movie. Actually, we’re going to start the shooting in Silverstone very soon, and you will see it will be the first movie when basically, they will be within the racing event.

“It will be quite invasive in terms of production, it’s something that we need to control in a way, but it will be another way of showing that F1 never stops.”

I’m pumped for this movie. However, if the production affects an F1 weekend in any way, I’m going to be livid.

If I get up at 6 am to watch practice and I hear David Croft say “The start of the session has been delayed because they’re still cleaning up dolly tracks,” I’ll lose it. I might even boycott the film on principle.

Okay, I won’t do that, but I’ll be really irritated for like an hour or so.

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