Brad Marchand: Players Will Be ‘Miserable’ At 2025 NHL All-Star Game

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Boston Bruins star and man with many great nicknames (Nose Face Killah, Marhsmont, Honey Badger, et al.) Brad Marchand doesn’t seem impressed with prospective host cities for the 2025 NHL All-Star Game.

A report came out that Seattle, Edmonton, and Detroit were in the running to host the All-Star Game in 2025.

Marchand was quick to point out that a lot of players may not be keen to spend their All-Star break in any of those cities.

No one has played the role of a heel as well as Marchand. At least not since Marty Brodeur and Dion Phaneuf’s bestest pal, Sean Avery.

Marchand spoke to Fox News Digital about the tweet.

“It depends how serious they want to take some tweets,” Marchand said. “A lot of what I do on social media is all in good fun. I like to joke around, it’s not meant to be taken seriously. People do like to overreact these days, and I’m sure there will be some angry fans that thought I was being serious. But again, it was all in good fun.”

See? All in good fun.

That said, the man does have a point.

Brad Marchand raises a compelling point about players not wanting to give up their All-Star break. (Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Joke Or Not, Marchand Raises An Interesting Point

This has come up more than once over the years. The All-Star Game is essentially a working vacation for the players who go. They may not be inclined to set aside a mid-winter vacation to some tropical locale for a work weekend in, oh, say, Edmonton.

Seattle, Detroit, and especially, Edmonton are very, very cold.

“Going to Edmonton in the middle of winter time, or Detroit, isn’t where those guys want to be when everyone else on their team is away enjoying their vacation or time with their families,” Marchand said. “No [player’s] family is going to want to come up here.

“Put it in places where guys want to be and make them want to be there, and they’ll make the game enjoyable. If not, then they’re going to be miserable while they’re there and try to get out of it certain ways.”

None of those cities are particularly known for their nightlife. I mean, Seattle has that market where they throw fish back and forth. That may not be enough to occupy a star NHL player or any superstar athlete who likes going to clubs and buying seafood towers (although, Seattle would be great for the latter).

The fact that the NBA just held an All-Star game in Salt Lake City and any of them showed up is nothing short of shocking. Yeah, no one watched it and they needed a dude from the G-League to save the dunk contest, but a few big names were there.

Unfortunately, not every city is a Vegas or an LA or a New York City. Holding an event in one of those cities instantly raises its profile.

The 2024 All-Star Game will be in Toronto. I think if they weren’t already heading there for the 2024 Winter Classic, the league would be inclined to take the All-Star Game to Seattle.

I’d like to see the game stay state-side (USA! USA! USA!) but having Connor McDavid play at home All-Star Game sounds like a good idea.

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