Boxing Champ Ebanie Bridges Says No To Sex Before Fights

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Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges and her 8-1 professional record are going to defend her title later this year. The IBF has already selected the bantamweight world champion’s next opponent.

Bridges will defend her title against fellow Australian Shannon O’Connell. A deadline of September 26 has been set for the fight.

O’Connell had this to say of the opportunity to face Bridges: “Ebanie Bridges pretends she doesn’t know me because she’s scared of me. I will punch holes through that girl.”

It will be the first time that Bridges, who made a name for herself with lingerie weigh-ins, will defend her title.

She defeated Maria Cecilia Roman back in March via unanimous decision to claim the belt.

Since then Bridges has kept herself busy by sparring with OnlyFans star Elle Brooke as she prepared for her boxing debut back on July 16.

Now that an opponent has been named it’s time to get back to work.

The 35-year-old spoke with Daily Star Sport as she prepares to defend her title. She talked about how she prepares for fights, including the things she avoids.

Being a champion takes all of your focus

Much like some of the male boxers, one of the things she avoids on fight week is sex. She has a slightly different reason for doing so, but there’s no action in the bedroom nonetheless.

“I have definitely heard of it for men,” Bridges said in an exclusive interview, when asked about the sex ban. “As for women, I’m not sure it’s the same.

“But to be fair, after dieting and training so hard for such a long time, the last thing I am thinking of is d***!”

Bridges added that when she’s in camp, it’s camp and nothing else. “Honestly, when I am training so hard and dieting so hard,” she added, “it really is the last thing on my mind. When I am in camp, I pretty much don’t want to expend any more energy on anything really.”

That’s a bummer for whoever her partner is.

But for Bridges, you do what you do to keep that belt around your waist.

Written by Sean Joseph

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