Boston Red Sox’s Justin Turner Left With Bloodied Face After Being Hit By Pitch

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Home plate turned into a crime scene Monday after Boston Red Sox third baseman Justin Turner took a fastball to the face.

The errant throw came in the first inning of a spring training game between Boston and the Detroit Tigers. Detroit pitcher Matt Manning threw the ball up and in, only for the pitch to make direct contact with Turner’s face.

Turner writhed on the ground in pain after taking the hit. The live feed’s commentators were left aghast by the sight of blood pouring out of Turner’s mouth as Boston’s medical team rushed over to check on the player.


Turner was promptly removed from the game. He was seen walking off with a towel over his face to keep the geyser of blood at bay.

The Red Sox released a statement via Twitter, detailing that Turner was taken to a hospital close to JetBlue Park. Turner was reportedly in stable condition and under evaluation for a concussion.

“Justin Turner was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation after being hit in the face by a pitch. He’s receiving treatment for soft tissue injuries and is being monitored for a concussion.

Kourtney Turner, JT’s wife, gave an update on Turner hours after his trip to the hospital. She relayed that the scans on Turner were clear, no visible fractures were noted and aside from 16 stitches, he was in great shape.

She tweeted, “Thank you to everyone that reached out about Justin and sent prayers. We’re home now and he’s resting (okay – maybe listening to the replay of the game). 16 stitches and a lot of swelling but we are thanking God for no fractures & clear scans.”

(Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

“He will undergo further testing, and we’ll update as we have more information. Justin is stable, alert, and in good spirits given the circumstances.”

(Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Turner, 38, signed as a free agent with the Red Sox in January. He enjoyed a successful run with the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2014 to 2022. Rather than bringing Justin Turner back on a $16-million team option for 2023, the Dodgers opted not to pick up the deal, allowing him to enter free agency.

Boston won the exhibition game 7-1.

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