Boston Marathon Will Allow Non-Binary Runners To Qualify Under Women’s Standards

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The 2023 Boston Marathon is set to become the latest event to hurt women’s sports. The historic race will allow non-binary runners to qualify beginning next year. There are no specific non-binary qualifications in place, so non-binary runners will use women’s standards to qualify.

Non-binary runners won’t register in the men’s or women’s division, but instead, they’ll select a new non-binary option.

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The 2023 Boston Marathon will take place on April 17 of next year.

According to the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) wesbite, non-binary athletes who have completed a marathon as a non-binary participant during the current qualifying window (September 1, 2021 through September 16, 2022) may submit an entry application into the 2023 Boston Marathon between September 12-16, 2022.

Entry into the event will be determined by an athlete’s submitted time and based on the Boston Marathon’s overall field size limit.

Boston Marathon Wants More Inclusion For Non-Binary Individuals

The BAA stated, “discussions are ongoing with non-binary athletes in an effort to further promote inclusion at all BAA events.”


The “inclusion” the BAA has in mind is non-binary runners qualifying as women, despite some of these non-binary individuals not identifying as women. It doesn’t make sense, because it’s not supposed to make sense.

The 2023 Boston Marathon won’t be the first race to welcome non-binary runners.

Philadelphia (surprise!) welcomed non-binary runners in its 2021 Distance Run making it the first large race in the United States to establish a non-binary division. The non-binary winner received equal prize money as the men’s and women’s winners in that particular race.

Written by Mark Harris

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