Blue-Check Jason Kint Threatens Elon Musk With Capitol Hill Response After Long Defending Censorship

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​​A character named Jason Kint is the CEO of Digital Content Next, a trade association that represents digital media companies. Kint is now threatening to demand congressional action against Elon Musk for suspending far-Left Twitter accounts that violated a company policy against doxing.

Thursday, Twitter imposed seven days suspensions on Keith Olbermann, Double A-ron Rupar, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, and The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell for posting information about the real-time location of Musk’s private jet.

Those suspensions ruined Kint’s evening.

“I don’t know what happened here but if @elonmusk doesn’t fix this within the hour with an explanation by morning, I’ll be on Capitol Hill tomorrow demanding that he be hauled in front of Congress,” he warned above screenshots of various suspended accounts.

Musk must be shivering in his boots.

One would have to assume from Kint’s response that he’s a staunch critic of internet censorship. He’s threatening to drive over to the Hill over short-term bans, after all.

However, that’s hardly the case. In fact, the CEO has long defended Twitter for banning accounts.

From nine months ago to now:

So either Kint has become a dox-all absolutist over the past nine months or he’s a hypocrite, a partisan hack.

We’ll go with the latter.

Double standard censorship

Like various legacy blue checks — not the ones who pay for theirs at $8 a month– Kint has a problem with censorship now that it reached his side of the aisle.

Under previous management, suspending and shadowbanned applied exclusively to conservative voices.

At CNN, Oliver Darcy warned that Musk’s actions are a “threat to “the future of the free press.” Before, Darcy campaigned for the banning of various right-wing accounts.

Thursday proved the “It’s a private company” crowd phony. As did it the “Did you read “Terms of Service” brigade.

Don’t forget the “Start your Twitter” and “Learn to code” gangs.

Now, that isn’t to say Elon Musk made the proper call in suspending the above groups of leftists. However, this is not a case of suppressing accounts on the basis of their political opinions.

Twitter 1.0 banned and shadowbanned accounts for speech that ran afoul of the preferred narrative. Moreover, the latest installment of Twitter Files proves previous ownership ruled on behalf of the Biden administration and the DNC.

Simply, suspending accounts for promoting location information with the intent to cause harm does not equate to punishing wrongthink at the behest of a political party.

Interfering in an election, as Twitter did in 2020, should have warranted congressional response.

Meanwhile, a sane government would laugh off the possibility of taking charge over a seven-day ban for spreading coordinates information. Unfortunately, our government is not sane

We suggest Jason Kint make a Mastadon after he protests outside Capitol Hill.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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