Keith Olbermann, Aaron Rupar, Other Left-Wing Twitter Accounts Suspended

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UPDATE: Elon Musk says Twitter suspended the below accounts for doxing, which included posting links that track the real-time location of Musk’s private jet.

He explains:

Suspensions for doxing will last seven days, says Musk.

Twitter suspended various far-Left accounts on Thursday night.

The list includes former commentator Keith Olbermann, tweeter Aaron Rupar, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan, and The Washington Post’s Drew Harwell.

It’s unclear what prompted any of the suspensions. Neither Twitter nor Elon Musk has offered an explanation as of publication.

We hope Twitter did not suspend these characters for their opinions. As deranged and loathsome as Olbermann is, we don’t condone censoring individuals for their speech.

However, there are sufficient reasons to suspend accounts that engage in doxing, harassment, or pornography.

Note: no one is suggesting Mr. Olbermann uploaded any nudes. At least we hope no one is imagining as much.

Still, it’s amusing to see fellow blue-checks screech over these suspensions. It’s the same group that swiftly defended previous management each time it banned a conservative accounts for their contradicting opinions.

What happened to “it’s a private company”? Or “did you read “Terms of Service”? “Start your Twitter, you bigots!”

Suffice it to say this development lacks details. OutKick will update this story with more news and analysis when we learn more.

That said, picturing Keith Olbermann panicking alone in his apartment full of pets because he lost his sole source of connection to human life ought to spark some giggles.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’d assume Olbermann engaged in calls for violence as deranged as he is, but you’d think there would be an archive showing it. My guess? one of those ‘errors’ that was always made against conservative accounts for years under old management. Many lulz.

  2. Funny how censorship is a bad thing when it happens to their side. The same media that is losing their heads over this decided to censor the story about the lunatic jumping on the hood of the car that Musk’s young son was in. Hypocrites.

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