BKFC President Discusses Paige VanZant’s Fighting Future

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It’s been a rough year and a half plus for Paige VanZant. When it comes to her fighting career anyway. She’s had plenty of success outside of the ring since her last fight in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Paige joined OnlyFans and cranked her content machine up to impressive new heights. The almost nonstop barrage of content, and the attention that it commands, has been good for business. Not having a fight to prepare for has freed up her schedule to meet such demands.

Paige is under contract with the BKFC for three fights and she was paid well to help bring attention to the fighting promotion. After an 0-2 start, she hasn’t seen the inside of a BKFC ring in more than a year and a half.

An August fight with fellow OnlyFans model Charisa Sigala was pushed back to October then scrapped altogether. The former UFC fighter then suffered a broken foot at the end of 2022 and her fighting career has been in limbo ever since.

Earlier this month Paige said she was ready to punch women in the face again. She even mentioned April as a possible return, “I highly anticipate fighting, probably in April.”

The news must not have reached BKFC president David Feldman. He spoke about Paige’s future with the organization earlier this week. He too would like to see her in the ring in April.

The organization has a major event planned for April 29 and it sounds like she’ll either be on that fight card or be finished with the BKFC.

“I’m going to be talking to her this week and there’s a possibility that she returns on a big card we’ve got in April,” Feldman said.

We’ll Know More About Her BKFC Future Very Soon

“If she doesn’t, then it’s probable that she won’t be coming back to BKFC. She’s making a lot of money doing her other businesses and maybe she doesn’t want to do this anymore, I will find out this week.”

Feldman would like to see her back in the ring. He’s just not sure that she wants to continue with her fighting career. That seems to go against what she said earlier this month.

“She is definitely welcome with the organization it’s just a matter of what she wants to do. I think this helps her other revenue streams, it gives her notoriety to be able to get fans for her other revenue streams,” Feldman continued.

“I don’t think she’s going to turn it down because of money, I think the only reason she would turn it down is if she doesn’t have the desire to fight anymore.”

There you have it, Paige will be back in the ring in April. Or she won’t.

There seems to be some communication breakdown somewhere. She says she wants to fight and Feldman wants her on a big April fight card. Where is the talk of her leaving without a third fight come into play?

Assuming the line of communication gets fixed, and she doesn’t suffer another unforeseen injury, the content machine might be slowing down for a fight camp soon.

Written by Sean Joseph

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