‘Don’t Give A F**k’: Reporter Caught On A Hot Mic Taking A Shot At Billy Napier

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A reporter was picked up on a hot mic Monday taking a shot at Florida coach Billy Napier.

Napier and the Gators are currently 4-4, and the season has definitely been very disappointing from what fans expected going into the year. Well, now a reporter managed to add onto the pile.

Following Napier’s Monday press conference, a reporter was picked up on the stream’s mic claiming he’d be around longer than Napier.

Billy Napier is off to a slow start with the Florida Gators. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

“I don’t give a f*ck … I’ll be here longer than Billy Napier. I can promise that,” a reporter could be heard on a hot mic in a video circulating social media. The identity of the reporter hasn’t been confirmed as of Tuesday morning.

Florida is down real bad.

You know things are bad when random reporters are just piling on like it’s no big deal at all. The Gators just suffered back-to-back losses to LSU and Georgia.

On the season, the Gators have just two wins against Power Five teams. The situation in Gainesville isn’t pretty. That’s just the reality of the situation.

Reporter caught on a hot mic roasting Billy Napier. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

However, once a random reporter decides to essentially bury the head coach’s future with the team, you know things aren’t going well.

It’s very bold to claim you’re going to be around longer than a first-year head coach. Napier, while not off to a hot start, still has plenty of time.

Florida isn’t going to fire him after this season and most likely not after next. The man needs some time to prove he belongs.

Florida is 4-4. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This hot mic moment is also another fun that nothing beats college football. Florida takes two straight losses on the field, and then Billy Napier gets wrecked after his press conference. You simply have to love this sport. You truly never know what you’ll get.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

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  1. This is not a statement on Napier so much as a statement on the overall incivility of our society … in particular “the media”. Granted it was said in a private conversation but reflects on the general attitude of “the media”…. “sports media” in particular.

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