Bills Fans Get Another Lecture From Politician Who’s Now Warning Them About Miami

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Erie County (NY) executive Mark Poloncarz won’t be getting greetings cards (at least not nice ones) from Bills fans this upcoming holiday season after the war he’s waging with fans who finally see daylight after being tortured by Tom Brady for two decades. Bills fans weren’t allowed to attend Sunday’s game at Ralph Wilson and Mark was all over the news threatening fans who were thinking about tailgating.

Now Mark has moved on to lecturing Bills fans who are heading to Miami to see their first-place team play at Hard Rock Stadium.

Big opening day win for the Bills yesterday,” Poloncarz wrote, trying to butter up fans. “Next week the Bills are at Miami. @ECDOH does NOT recommend traveling to Miami for the game. Miami-Dade County has some of the highest COVID-19 cases in the country, and more than 7,500 since Aug.”

He continued as if Bills fans weren’t already fired up over his first daddy daycare message:

“Miami-Dade County’s average cases per million people is 64,310. Erie County’s is 11,587. So the contraction rate is at least 5 times worse there. Hence why @ECDOH does NOT recommend attending Sunday’s game in person.”

Mark’s office promises those who fly back to Buffalo that they’ll be stopped by state health officials and their information will be provided with his county health department.

How do you think Bills fans are reacting to Mark’s lecture? Correct, it’s making them want to go and then tell the contact tracing department to suck it.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It’s well past time for American citizens to just ignore these tyrants and i mean now they are hiding behind this rona hysteria to just keep denying our constitutional guaranteed freedoms no more folks

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