Bills’ Damar Hamlin Awarded Adversity Honor By NFL

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The NFL is giving Damar Hamlin another tip of the cap, granting the Buffalo Bills safety the award for overcoming the most adversity this season.

Now, “adversity” is a euphemism for what Hamlin experienced on the field on Jan. 2 as a budding safety in the league. Suffering from Commotio Cordis, Hamlin suddenly collapsed on the field at Paycor Stadium from a routine tackle on Bengals wideout Tee Higgins.

Hamlin required CPR for several minutes to keep his heart beating, and just months after the harrowing scene, he’s cleared to return to football.

On Monday, the NFL announced Hamlin as the recipient of the George Halas Award — an honorary prize given to the player that has showcased the most perseverance of anyone in the NFL.

Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera received the Halas honor last year after overcoming cancer to coach the NFL team. The year prior, former Commanders QB Alex Smith received the award for making a miraculous comeback to the game after snapping his leg and nearly losing the appendage during surgery.


It’s a tough group to be a part of, and certainly nothing Hamlin aimed to achieve at the start of the year. Regardless, Hamlin tackled the challenge of recovering from the near-fatal condition and has since used his platform to highlight heart health. Hamlin has also highlighted the incredible Bills medical staff and doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for saving his life.

Good for Hamlin — may his legacy inspire others to respond in a crisis.

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