Beasley Won’t Back Down On Vaccine Stance: ‘If I’m Forced Into Retirement, So Be It’

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We’ll say it: Beasley’s got balls!

Twitter can call it what they want, but Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley dropped an announcement regarding the NFLPA’s inane, or insane, COVID restrictions, and what resulted was the bravest act of common sense coming from the league all year.

Like DiCaprio at the end of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the Buffalo Bills receiver took a rhetorical blowtorch and turned the NFLPA’s guidelines to ash.

Beasley spoke EVERYONE’s mind by calling out the blind B.S. of the NFL’s prioritization for vaccinated players. All a clear political play, or complete negligence of data supporting immunization.

Every word typed by Beasley was honest and overdue from NFL players across the league.

According to an Axios report, “People infected with the coronavirus retain relevant immune responses a year later, regardless of whether they were vaccinated. However, those who were vaccinated had stronger responses.”

Latter part noted, the proof shows that immunization after infection works regardless of inoculation, making Beasley a better interpreter of the science than the NFLPA — a group focused on the well-being of its players.

With herd immunity well in play for a nation that has fully reopened its stadiums, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. the common language needed to get out of the COVID-19 panic has been losing the battle. States are actively lifting COVID restrictions, yet people are hesitant to call a need for masks or a vaccine a mere option. Which it very well should be.

Instead, businesses and cancel-phobic companies continue to demand a pass for a return to normalcy, which Beasley is boldly calling out.

Even at 5’8″, Beasley stands taller than the rest of his league regarding values, which would surely have him ousted from the NBA.

If the NFL doesn’t step up and figure out a better path forward, a similar fate with its audience will be in line.

Beasley spoke the truth, now it’s their move.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Roger Goodell is a big pussy! These guidelines are for pussies. NFL athletes have nothing to worry about as Covid will have little to no impact on them. If you have had the virus taking the jab does absolutely nothing for you. The woke libs are full of shit.

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