Kansas Coach Bill Self Out Thursday As The Team Chases A One-Seed

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Bill Self won’t be coaching Kansas against West Virginia today.

The Jayhawks announced that the legendary college basketball coach “will miss today’s Big 12 tournament game as he recovers from an illness … Self is doing well and receiving great care at the University of Kansas Health System.”

Assistant Norm Roberts will be the team’s leader against West Virginia.

Bill Self and Kansas are fighting for a one-seed.

While on the surface, Bill Self being out for a single Big 12 Tournament game might not seem like a huge deal, there’s one major thing on the line for Kansas:

A one-seed.

Currently, ESPN has Kansas slated as the top overall seed in the tournament. A Big 12 Tournament championship will guarantee the Jayhawks hold onto that spot.

Dropping an early game would likely bump them out of the top overall spot and an early enough loss could throw them off the one line.

Kansas coach Bill Self is out against West Virginia. (Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

The latter seems unlikely given there isn’t much competition for the top spots, but you don’t want to leave anything to chance. A loss to West Virginia, who is also in the tournament field and fighting for position, could throw a huge roadblock in Kansas’ way when it comes to holding onto the top seed.

The good news for Kansas is no matter what happens through Selection Sunday, the team is in great tournament position. Nothing can change that.

Bill Self out against West Virginia with an illness. (Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images)

Hopefully, Bill Self is back to normal ASAP because Kansas is geared up for a run. You can catch the Jayhawks/ Mountaineers game at 3:00 EST on ESPN. Should be a fun one.

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