Bill Belichick Gives Bizarre Answer When Asked If Mac Jones Is A Dirty Player

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While the overwhelming majority of the NFL world has labeled Mac Jones a dirty player following his low block on Eli Apple, Bill Belichick isn’t exactly doing his part in shutting down the slander directed at his quarterback.

During his press conference on Friday, the New England Patriots’ head coach was asked if he believes Jones is a “dirty player.” While most coaches would go to bat for their quarterback, Belichick didn’t exactly take that approach.

Not only did he refuse to answer the question, he oddly took a slight dig at the rest of his roster as well.

“I’m not going to sit up here and comment about — we could go through the rest of our roster and ask the same questions,” Belichick replied. “I’m not going to get into any of that.”

Sorry, what? We could go over the rest of the New England roster and ask if they’re dirty players too? This comment from Belichick makes zero sense and certainly doesn’t help the narrative surrounding Jones of being a dirty player.

A simple ‘No, I don’t think Mac Jones is a dirty player, next question’ would have gone a long way, but Belichick didn’t want to spend one second on the topic.

As for the block in question, Jones was fined a little over $11,000 for his hit on Eli Apple during the Patriots’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals this past weekend.

Jones claimed he was “just trying to help the team win” when asked about the block the following day.

“I went down in front of him to kind of get in the way to stop him from slowing down Tyquan, who obviously could make the tackle there,” Jones shared. “So just kind of went down in front of him, trying to stop a fast guy from getting to another fast guy.”

“It’s a split-second decision and there’s a lot that goes into it. You’re out there trying to compete, it’s a physical game. So just trying to help the team win,” Jones explained.

The Patriots fell 22-19 to Cincinnati and host the Miami Dolphins in a pivotal AFC East showdown this weekend.

Written by Mark Harris

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