Big Ten And SEC Both Want UNC And Virginia: REPORT

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The Big Ten and SEC might eventually go to war over two ACC programs.

Conference realignment continues to dominate the world of college sports, despite very little actually happening over the past several months.

All the pieces seem to be there for the SEC and Big Ten to take more teams. USC and UCLA will already join the Big Ten next year and Oklahoma and Texas will join the SEC.

However, everyone knows those moves are more of a beginning than the end of what will likely be a very long war. Now, you can add two teams to the board of potential targets.

Will North Carolina join the Big Ten or the SEC? (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

Will the SEC and Big Ten hunt down Virginia and UNC?

Pete Thamel recently reported that “outside of Notre Dame, there are no programs that will be as coveted by the SEC and Big Ten thanks to both geography and market” than UNC and Virginia.

Not FSU, Clemson, Miami or any other program. It’s apparently all about the Cavaliers and Tar Heels due to geography and market.

UNC probably doesn’t surprise anyone, but the SEC adding Virginia would be nothing short of shocking to many fans.

Will the Virginia Cavaliers join the Big Ten? (Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Cavaliers certainly feel like much more of a cultural fit for the B1G, especially when you weigh the school’s academics. Both are academic powerhouses, but UNC’s also big in sports.

Virginia has a great college basketball program, but we all know that it plays second fiddle to football.

There’s reportedly no rush.

It’s important to note Thamel reported there’s no rush for the SEC to add more teams. However, there’s an arms race underway in college sports, even if nobody wants to admit it.

The SEC might not be a rush, but how quickly will that change if the Big Ten hits the accelerator for adding either program.

The ACC’s grant of rights goes until 2036, but it’s clear whether or not it can be broken early. The truth is nobody knows the answer to that until someone tries.

The SEC and Big Ten reportedly both want Virginia and UNC. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Virginia and UNC would be huge additions to any conference. Will it be the SEC or the Big Ten? Could they just remain in the ACC? These are questions everyone wants answered, but for now, there’s little to no clarity. Welcome to life as a college football fan.

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  1. Since when exactly does UVA men’s basketball play second fiddle to football? I see more enthusiasm at Cavalier LAX and baseball games than at Scott Stadium on a fall Saturday, let alone their top-shelf men’s hoops program.

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