Big Ten Leaders Green Light Expansion Process With Oregon And Washington, Future Remains Very Murky: REPORT

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The Big Ten reportedly has taken a significant step forward for potentially growing the conference with Oregon and Washington.

A stunning Wednesday report indicated the Big Ten had begun having exploratory conversations about possibly adding four PAC-12 teams.

Oregon and Washington would be the priority followed by Cal and Stanford.

Now, the leaders in the B1G reportedly have decided to continue down the path many have seen coming for some time.

Pete Thamel reported Thursday that conference presidents met earlier in the day and “authorized Commissioner Tony Petitti to explore expansion and bring them back more information on Oregon and Washington as potential Big Ten members.”

Notably, Thamel didn’t mention anything about Cal and Stanford being involved. Are they still in the mix or has the expansion lens became very narrow?

That remains to be seen, but he also reported roadblocks remain. The two biggest appear to be USC, which has no power in this situation, not wanting more West Coast teams and the Huskies and Ducks having to accept a partial media payout share.

That number would be around $40 million if it’s roughly half of what other B1G teams and USC and UCLA will earn.

The ball is now rolling for Oregon and Washington.

I want to state this clearly and directly so there’s no confusion. The process is VERY early, and there are no guarantees.

All we know is the ball is now rolling. Yesterday, it was reported there had been exploratory conversations about adding Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal. Now, Pete Thamel reported the Big Ten’s leaders have authorized Tony Petitti to begin the early stages of the process to see if expansion happens.

Remember, it only ends once. Everything else before that is just progress. An all-time great quote from “Lost.” Right now, college football fans are in the progress stage, and it’s significant. The PAC-12 is on the brink of collapse, and teams are rushing to the lifeboats. Will Oregon and Washington find refuge in the Big Ten?

Will Oregon and Washington join the Big Ten? (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Time will tell, but the situation is rapidly developing at a pace that would make even J.J. Abrams jealous.

Written by David Hookstead

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