Biden’s Next Step In Tanking U.S. Economy: Pay Immigrant Families Up To $1M Each

Sources close to the Biden administration have informed The Wall Street Journal that the White House is seeking to pay illegal immigrants seized at the U.S. border up to $1 million per family.

The move is a response to lawsuits filed by families of illegal immigrants claiming “lasting psychological trauma,” according to the report. Families being paid out will be identified as groups of at least one parent and child detained under Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance border strategy from 2018.

“The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family,” notes the report.

“The American Civil Liberties Union, which represents families in one of the lawsuits, has identified about 5,500 children separated at the border over the course of the Trump administration, citing figures provided to it by the government,” added the Journal’s account. “… Around 940 claims have so far been filed by the families.”

At the helm of the current mess at the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden has failed to provide any resistance toward entry into the United States and has even turned to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy to ease the stream of illegal immigrants, but the breaking news showcases further antagonization of Trump-era policies that were effective in approach.

“President Biden has agreed that the family separation policy is a historic moral stain on our nation that must be fully remedied,” added ACLU deputy director Lee Gelernt. “That remedy must include not only meaningful monetary compensation, but a pathway to remain in the country.”

With the U.S. economy attempting to recover from a dismal 2020, Biden’s leadership continues to be more fixated on using the nation’s resources with helping non-citizens first.

Under Biden’s watch, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have crossed the border each month, with 350,000-400,000 forecasted to enter in October alone.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This is what it looks like when actual communists are in charge. Really. (Biden isn’t the guy coming up with these policies I promise. The regime cabinet hands him the papers and tells him what to say and the dementia patient does it)

    If you want to know how weak and pathetic most conservatives are —> take a moment and consider how few of them are willing to defend Joseph McCarthy. MacCarthy properly respected the communists ~ in the sense that he understood the damage they were capable of doing in case they were in charge. Joseph McCarthy didn’t bat 1.000. But he was correct much much more often than he wasn’t. You’ve heard he was bad because that’s what the left told you in schools. Of course they don’t like him. Why would they ?

    Again – if you are unwilling to go full throttle against communism as he was then don’t complain about your country getting ripped to pieces. “Gradually.
    Then suddenly” -Ernest Hemingway
    ^^ We are entering the suddenly phase.

  2. Poso tweets on outkick. Dude brings receipts. Paying up to a million dollars to illegals who have no business being here and committed a crime the second they crossed the border is actually insane, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from pedo Joe. God help us.

  3. The ACLU has really gone berserk. Their original purpose was to ensure one’s right to free speech and expression. Now, they are a bunch of far left wing nut jobs who are out to destroy out country by installing themselves in all socialist causes. And the American people fund this trash organization with our tax dollars. Would love to see us cut them out along with NPR.

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