Woke Made Beyonce, Lizzo Change Ableist Lyrics, Now Say They Were Targeted as Black Women

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Beyonce will re-record the song “Heated” to remove the word “spaz” after the internet said the word is universally offensive, even if she didn’t use it in an offensive way.

That’s the second time in less than two months there’s been pushback from activists over the word. In June, Lizzo apologized for her usage of the term in her song “Grrrls.”

At first, the outcry was that Beyonce and Lizzo used an offensive remark. Now, the outcry is that it’s offensive that people targeted these two artists.

In fact, asking them to apologize is both racist and sexist, according to Twitter.

Leading the charge is a character named Ola Ojewumi, the founder and director of education non-profit Project Ascend. Ojewumi says the outrage mob targeted Beyonce and Lizzo only because they are black women.

“There’s a concentrated focus on black women singers who use ableist language, but the same anger and the same outcry does not exist for white musicians,” said Ojewumi.

So, the woke made Beyonce and Lizzo apologize and are now targeting those who made them apologize. Consider that for a moment.

Of course, those saying white people have gotten away with using the word are lying. “Weird Al” Yankovic, never confused with a black woman, apologized for saying it in 2014 during one of his goofy tracks.

White artists have re-recorded several songs to appease the outrage crowd. Here’s a list. People even get mad at some white artists for singing about America positively — ask John Rich.

The woke are offended that the woke got offended. That’s where we are.

Written by Bobby Burack

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