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Ben Joyce Reflects On His Record-Setting Pitch And Winding Path To Tennessee

KNOXVILLE — In today’s world of college baseball, a pitcher who can throw over 100 mph on a consistent basis is pretty special. But hitting 105.5 on the radar gun is different. Tennessee’s Ben Joyce made headlines across the country — including from OutKick’s own Gary Sheffield, Jr. — this past weekend for a record-setting pitch against Auburn that caught the attention of just about everyone connected to the baseball community.

Growing up in the Knoxville area, Joyce had the chance to start playing baseball at Farragut High School, though a growth plate problem held him back from receiving a lot of attention from colleges across the country. Knowing he had something to prove, Joyce went the junior college route, which led him to the chance to play for his beloved Vols.


There aren’t many players in all of baseball who can throw a fastball the way Ben Joyce does, so he is most assuredly in rare company. But the Farragut High alum had a tough road to get to where he’s at today, with his team fighting for a national championship and the MLB Draft coming up in June.

In our sit-down interview, Joyce explains what it was like battling back from Tommy John surgery, how his teammates reacted to his 105.5 MPH pitch, and more. Check out the entire interview below:

Just when you thought Tennessee couldn’t draw anymore attention, a young man from the Knoxville area throws a 105.5 mph heater. Now, we will see what Tennessee decides to do with their pitching rotation, now that Joyce has made an argument for extended playing time.

Written by Trey Wallace

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