New Bears Receiver DJ Moore Throws Out First Pitch At Chicago Cubs Game, Gets Loud Ovation Despite Rather Small Crowd

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The Chicago Bears traded the number one pick in the NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers and received several draft picks in return. They also got wide receiver DJ Moore, a highly underrated player (who I suggest you draft in fantasy and thank me later).

Despite catching passes from guys like Cam Newton, Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield and other backup-level quarterbacks, Moore amassed over 5,000 yards receiving in the past five seasons.

Last year was his first under 1,000 yards receiving since his rookie season. The guy can play.

And Chicago fans are happy to have him. No Bears wide receiver had over 500 yards last season.

New Chicago Bears wide receiver DJ Moore threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field before the Cubs Wednesday afternoon game.
New Chicago Bears wide receiver DJ Moore threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field before the Cubs Wednesday afternoon game. (Photo credit: @Cubs on

The Chicago Cubs invited Moore to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field on Wednesday. The crowd was rather sparse for the mid-week day game, but those in attendance gave Moore a rousing ovation.

Though, his first pitch was underwhelming.

Yes, he threw it in the dirt. But it was far from the worst first pitch Wrigley has ever seen.

I will say this, though. Moore clearly lied before the game.

“Feels no pressure”? Lies! Throwing out the first pitch is a pressure-packed event. You have no time to warm up, you’re not wearing a glove and everyone is watching you.

Plus, watch that first video again. He clearly takes a big breath in and tries to calm the nerves. He absolutely felt the heat!

But I digress. Fans are really going to love this kid. Not only can he play, but he doesn’t bring that drama that a lot of other receivers bring. Have you ever heard him complaining about anything?

No, and look at the list of quarterbacks he’s played with. His former head coach even threw him and his teammates under the bus last season.

Matt Rhule said receivers needed to help out Baker Mayfield out by getting open more. Yeah, that was the problem.

But Moore handled it like a pro.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Justin Fields is a great quarterback, either. So, there could be more issues for DJ Moore getting the football.

But, you won’t hear about it.

And that’s refreshing.

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