Bam Margera Challenges Johnny Knoxville To A Bare Knuckle Fight

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Bam Margera’s feud with Jackass costar Johnny Knoxville has hit a new low point. The 43-year-old still isn’t happy about being cutout of their last movie, Jackass Forever, and wants to settle things in a boxing ring.

Bam challenged Knoxville and co-creator Jeff Tremaine to step in the ring for a bare knuckle fight. His beef with the two has to do with what he calls a “death waiver” he had to sign back in 2019.

Bam Margera Johnny Knoxville Jeff Tremaine Jackass
Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine pose as they attend the Jakass 3D premiere (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

The so-called death waiver was a set of rules Bam had to abide by in order to appear in Jackass Forever. It stipulated that he must complete a minimum of 90 days in a treatment center. After that he was to take only medication approved by the medical staff at the center.

Bam was unable to stick to the agreement and did not appear in the movie. He filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against those involved in the creation of the movie, including Knoxville and Tremaine.

The lawsuit was settled last year. The settlement, however, doesn’t appear to be enough for Bam to put the matter behind him. He wants to step in the ring and throw punches with the co-creators.

Bam claims in the video, which he posted on social media Monday night, that he was made to take 18 different medications as a result of the waiver. Those medications, Bam claims, caused a laundry list of problems from weight gain and hair loss to impotence.

Jackass The Bare Knuckle Fight

After explaining that Knoxville will do anything he is “double-dog dared” to do. Bam double-dog dares him to get in the ring with without any boxing gloves on.

He says, “Knoxville, I double-dog dare you to get in the ring with me without any boxing gloves. So I can ring, ring, ring, one, two, three let’s go. I f*ck you up.”

Bam Margera Johnny Knoxville fight

The unhinged video is just the latest in an unfortunate string of incidents involving the former MTV star. In just the last couple of months he’s been arrested for allegedly kicking a woman and for public intoxication after an incident at a restaurant.

Bam’s downward spiral has been years in the making, but seems to be picking up steam lately. Which is sad for anyone who watched Jackass back in the day. It all looks like it’s headed for a tragic ending.

It was a much simpler time when he was beating the crap out of his dad while his dad was on the toilet. Or setting off fireworks in the middle of the night in his parents’ bedroom.

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