Baby Mama Drama: Family of Late Oregon TE Spencer Webb Fighting With IG Girlfriend Kelly Kay, Disputing Paternity of Webb’s Baby

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A messy battle has ensued involving Oregon Ducks tight end Spencer Webb, who tragically passed last July at Triangle Lake, near Oregon’s campus, due to a diving accident.

Days after the 22-year-old’s death, Instagram influencer Kelly Kay — who had just begun a relationship with Webb — announced she was pregnant with the late football player’s baby.

Since giving birth to Spider Webb in March, Kay has been facing suspicions from Webb’s family as they request paternity tests to confirm that the baby is Spencer’s.

According to a statement provided to the Sacramento Bee from Webb’s family, Kay has denied requests by the family to take a DNA test and confirm young Spider Webb’s connection to Spencer.

The family raised doubt about Kay and Spider’s familial ties based on the timeline of her relationship leading up to the accidental death; their account noted that the two had met just 16 days before Webb’s passing.

“Our family has tried to focus on our grieving process since the passing of our brother, son, and nephew,” the family’s statement read, in part.

Spencer Webb’s Family Raises Doubts

The statement added,

We grieve both individually and as a family, trying to cope with this tragedy. In the first hours after Spencer passed, and only a few days after they met, Kelly began talking about the possibility of being pregnant.

Since Spencer isn’t able to handle this situation himself, we have tried to navigate this sensitive space as a family. That being said, our family has doubts and concerns regarding the paternity of this child for a multitude of reasons. Until this point, we’ve remained silent in hopes that a DNA test would confirm Spencer as the father.

Unfortunately, Kelly has been unwilling to compromise regarding the manner in which the DNA test is collected. Due to the inability to agree on a suitable DNA collection process, we wanted to put together a statement and timeline to help provide the family’s perspective on these circumstances.

Kelly Kay Plans To Sue In Retaliation

Kay achieved some personal celebrity status in 2020 as the infamous bikini streaker during Super Bowl 54.

She spoke out on the speculations raised by Webb’s family and brother, Cody, via Instagram, adding that she’s planning on suing the family for defamation.

“There’s two sides to every story and there’s a lot of family drama that I shouldn’t even have to bring up, its nobody’s business,” Kay posted on Instagram. “I’m not trying to put my dead baby daddy’s family drama out there like that.”

“I have amazing relationships with Spencer’s mom and sisters. I worked with Spencer’s mom and an attorney to get a legal DNA test in order to get Spencer’s name on the birth certificate. … We did that, me and his mom, and Spider did the DNA test.

“Obviously it’s his kid, you can look at him and tell it’s his kid.”

The Sacramento Bee also provided text messages exchanged by Cody Webb and Kelly Kay, showcasing the influencer’s reluctance toward taking the DNA test. Webb’s family has agreed to provide a neutral arrangement for Kay to take the test.

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