Australian Model, Who Ruined Her Mom’s Marriage By Revealing That Her Stepdad Was Her Top OnlyFans Subscriber, Says That Her Mom Turned On Her

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Australian model Taila Maddison is back and she has some more details to share about ruining her mom’s marriage. Last week the content creator shared on TikTok how she found out that her stepdad was her top OnlyFans subscriber.

After explaining that the subscriber, who turned out to be her stepdad, spent $2,000 Australian dollars in just two months, Talia explained how he responded to being caught. She also explained that her mom ended her marriage with the man immediately.

Australian OnlyFans Model Taila Maddison TikTok
OnlyFans model claims she ruined her mom’s marriage (Image Credit: Taila Maddison/TikTok)

“When I caught him, he denied it to all of his friends, and obviously my mom got rid of him straight away,” she said of catching her stepdad. “But yeah, if you want to talk about family trauma, my stepdad watched me have sex with my partner for two months.”

What Talia didn’t share in the TikTok videos is how her mom’s relationship with her played out after she ruined her mom’s marriage. It turns out the mother and daughter hit a rough patch.

Talia turned her viral success into an appearance on an Australian TV show earlier this week. During an appearance on SBS’ Insight, she shared more details about her stepdad subscriber story.

“For the first couple of weeks, he was very much the bad guy. But he then went silent on everybody, or people went silent on him,” she said.

The stepdad didn’t remain the focus of the family’s anger. Talia revealed that after some time the anger was turned toward her and the OnlyFans platform.

“Both my sisters work full-time so she didn’t have anybody around to take it out on because he wasn’t there and she quickly turned on me and it became my fault and OnlyFans’ fault.”

Business Is Booming For This Australian OnlyFans Model

She added, “I was enemy number one to my family for a few months.”

But don’t worry, OnlyFans hasn’t put a permanent wedge between this family. Talia went on to share that the mom and daughter relationship, while damaged, hasn’t been completely destroyed.

“My mom has since moved on and I feel like we have all started to rebuild our relationships a little bit,” she said of her relationship with her mom. “He is completely out of the picture and nobody hears from him and nobody knows where he is.”

This, like so many other OnlyFans stories, has a happy ending. Talia said, “I just feel grateful that I have been able to rebuild that relationship with mom and my sisters.”

What a heartwarming turn of events. Who doesn’t love a happy ending after all? Part of that happy ending is an increase in subscribers for Talia.

It turns out the whole “I ruined my mom’s marriage after finding out my stepdad was one of my subscribers” story is good for business. On Wednesday, she revealed that she’s now in the Top 0.05% of all OnlyFans creators.

Finding out that your stepdad is dropping thousands of dollars for your exclusive content isn’t great, but it’s not all bad news, especially when you can replace him with many more subscribers.

Australian OnlyFans Model Taila Maddison
Headlines have been good for business (Image Credit: Taila Maddison/Instagram Story)

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