Attractive Women Are More Likely To Be ‘Right-Wing’, Study Shows

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Scientists in Denmark used AI machine learning techniques to predict political ideology based on facial characteristics.

The results:

Attractive women are more likely to be “right-wing.” Meanwhile, women who showed contempt are more likely “left-wing.”

“For females (though not males), high attractiveness scores were found among those the model identified as likely to be conservative,” the Nature-owned journal Scientific Reports findings explained.

“These results are credible given that previous research using human raters has also highlighted a link between attractiveness and conservatism.”

As Chaya Raichik, creator of Libs of TikTok tweeted, “The science is settled.”

Take a look:

Attractive people are the happiest. “Happy faces were likely to be representatives of right-wing parties,” found the study.

“Attractiveness was not the only correlate of model-predicted ideology. We also found that expressing happiness is associated with conservatism for both genders.

A liberal woman is never happy.

Challenging it is to enjoy your day when you are fening outrage online about supposed injustices. Or scouring IG to see how many shares your friends have. Or pretending to care about so-called marginalized groups to appease your white guilt.

The life of liberal women is exhausting. It takes a toll on their beauty, their dedication to fitness, and their success.

Sure, the same can be said about liberal men. But the attractiveness of left-wing males is less of a debate:

What’s unclear, however, is if the study differentiates liberal women from woke women. As we often explain at OutKick, there is a difference.

Wokes drip of self-pity. Thus are likely the ugliest group of faces. They and Marxists, of course.

Ultimately, the study clears up why liberal women were so reluctant to drop their Covid masks and demanded others stay #MaskedUp.

Masks evened the playing field between the ugly (liberals) and hot (conservative) women.

Also, some liberal women aren’t actually “women.”

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