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​​Bill Clinton recognized Pride Month on the federal level for gays and lesbians in 1999. In 2011, Barack Obama expanded the month to include the ever-growing LGBTQ community.

Blink and they’ve added another letter.

The month honors those who’ve come out of the closet, a reference to overcoming the self-censoring of their sexual orientation.

A Danish film called You Are Not Alone explains how a gay boy would not disclose his sexuality until he understood he was not the only one.

The popular U.S. slogan “Be Bold, Be Proud, Be Gay” spreads the same message: you are not alone; it’s okay to come out.

Yet it’s no longer members of the Pride community who self-censor. Rather, it’s those who oppose the escalation of the LGBTQIA+ community and the consequences it poses. They are who’s hidden in the closet, needing a movement to show them out.

Pride no longer just celebrates normalizing homosexuality or the fights for equal rights. Today, Pride stands in arms with a political agenda, one that treats gender like a mask.

Pride now symbolizes gender appropriation. Womanface, if you will.

The consequences of gender ideology are permanent. The movement preaches as if biological sex is not a point of reference. Upholders believe adults and children can undo their gender on demand, often by way of severing body parts.

The mental and physical ramifications are objectively harsh.

Imagine being proud of that.

The people in power, both politically and socially, are. And they have led society to believe gender appropriation is supported nationwide — that those who oppose are the dissidents.

The influence cabal of media, sports, entertainment, and Big Tech have each lent credence to the movement, holding up trans persons as heroes.

To Joe Biden, they are heroes. Last weekend, Biden declared “America is a nation of pride” as the Pride Progress flag hung from the White House.

It took the White House four days to condemn a so-called trans model for flashing his implanted boobs across the South Lawn during the event.

No person is more shielded from criticism than a trans person. Transphobic is the new racist, an overused label that could ruin your career.

Challenge the trans community and face persecution. YouTube will suspend you. Journalists will call you a bigot.

Publicly, it’s all rainbows. Literally. There are rainbows plastered all over the internet and corporate America.

Thereby it seems the support outweighs the opposition. It doesn’t. It’s deceiving. Privately, there are grave concerns over the consequences of exploiting gender.

The public representation of gender ideology, like most issues, is not indicative of the consensus.

Gender appropriation is the most consequential phenomenon in a generation. And the majority of Americans agree.

A Gallup poll Monday revealed that 69 percent of Americans believe transgender athletes should only be allowed to play on sports teams that match their birth gender.

Parents of both political affiliations understand females should not compete physically against males.

Still, the Biden administration plans to release updated Title IX rules that would bar states from banning trans students from competing against the gender with which they identify. Biden catering to a wing of voters mighty in volume levels but minuscule in size.

Just look at the consumer responses to Bud Light and Target.

Two months ago, Bud Light teamed with a man named Dylan Mulvaney to celebrate his “365 days of girlhood.” As a result, its parent company Anheuser-Busch lost over $27 billion in market value as sales plummeted.

Sales are still plummeting. The backlash cost Bud Light its status as the top-selling beer brand in the U.S. for the first time since 2001.

Target recorded a market cap loss of $15 million since introducing “tuck-friendly” swimwear. Such designs allow males who call themselves females to tuck in their penises. That includes children.

Speaking of which, school students in Massachusetts tore down rainbow decorations this week in protest of their district asking them to wear rainbow colors to school:

Kids too are fed up with being used as props for gender theory.

So are members of the gay community.

Transgenderism is not only the replacement of women. It’s also the replacement of gays. Notice the flag Biden hung from the White House last weekend didn’t mirror the once-universally used Pride Flag. That’s because it wasn’t.

What hung was something called the Pride Progress flag. The extra colors represent supposedly “marginalized communities” within the LGBT coalition.

Daniel Quasar created the Pride Progress Flag in 2018 to feature black and brown stripes to portray LGBTQ+ communities of color and baby blue, pink, and white to incorporate the trans flag in its design.

Translation: gays are no longer the victims.

Rather, they are the privileged members of the community. Their placement amongst the Hierarchy of Victimhood is somewhere next to white women, well below trans and non-binary persons.

What does the gay community think of the hijacking of a month formerly theirs? Have any of the pandering straight journalists sharing the rainbow flag this month asked them?

Ben Appel is gay. So, he asked himself. Appel penned an op-ed for The Daily Mail explaining why not all gays are proud of the direction Pride community.

Here’s a snippet:

Educators, policymakers and physicians are telling young boys that if they like wearing dresses or playing with dolls, they might be girls; young girls are told that if they prefer football to ballet, they might be boys; and that with some experimental pills and high-risk surgeries, they can all finally be ‘normal.’

I am a male that is exclusively attracted to other males. Is that no longer allowed? Is this what my ‘community’ has become – the bullies that we once fought against?

If I am proud of anything this Pride Month, it is my new ‘community’ of LGBT heretics. Those of us who stand up in the face of ridicule to say: This is not us. This is not who we are.

I am proud every time we’re shouted down by authoritarian activists. I remain proud even as we’re called ‘evil,’ ‘right-wingers,’ or ‘transphobes.’

Ben Appel.

Support for Pride is not monolithic across the LGBT community. The piece demonstrates the inherent frustration gays have with the spiraling of their community but fear saying so at the risk of damning labels.

Gays have no fear of coming out of the closet as homosexuals. But coming out of the closet in resistance to transgenderism is a freighting proposition.

An observation is quite clear: society at large rejects gender ideology.

So, who exactly is for shoving gender appropriation down the throats of the masses? Is it the 0.5 percent of U.S. adults who call themselves transgenders?

Or is it the people in charge, both on a political and corporate level, who disseminated a movement to establish their own moral superiority?

Gender theory is no different than any other progression of identity. The people in charge manipulate the conversation through media, tech, academia, and entertainment to create the reality they prefer, one upon which they can enrich themselves and divide the country.

The gatekeepers then deploy journalists to frame anyone who disagrees a bigot. All the while the consensus secretly opposes the trajectory.

But the consensus is not powerless.

The common man still controls the marketplace. The public still, in theory, controls the White House. The government, media apparatus, and influencers dictate the message. Yet votes, awareness, consumer habits, and public interest dictate the results.

Watch how swiftly politicians and corporations change their tune when their bases flock elsewhere.

Gender ideology is powered by the current weakness of society’s majority. But a movement cannot withstand if the majority resists.

Your cowardice empowers those above you. Your courage diminishes them.

A previous generation stormed the beaches of Normandy. You can survive 36 hours of mean tweets and glares from your indoctrinated teenager.

It’s safe to come out of the closet and resist gender ideology. You are not alone.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. Stop being cowards. The trans agenda is unquestionably harmful and possibly evil. It mainstreams mental illness, denies basic science and truth, is fundamentally anti-religious, and is virulently bigoted. Who cares if you get kicked off of putrid SM sites?

  2. Happy you included the perspective from a gay man. I have thought all along that the LGB part of the community can’t possibly be happy with pride being hijacked by this new trans movement. Pride was about being happy about who you are, not forcing your ideology onto other people.

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