Atlanta Hawks’ Dejounte Murray Takes Anger Out On Referee, Bumps Official After Terrible Game 4 Loss

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UPDATE: The NBA announced Dejounte Murray will be suspended for Game 5 against the Celtics after bumping official.

Atlanta Hawks’ Dejounte Murray better start counting those pennies.

Murray should expect a notice from the NBA soon after bumping into a referee on Sunday, following the Hawks’ disappointing Game 4 loss, 129-121.

Unable to walk off the floor and sulk with the rest of the team, Murray decided to take his frustrations out on referee Gediminas Petraitis. Unfortunately for Murray, that option may come with steep consequences.

A fan filmed Murray walking up to Petraitis instead of back to the locker room. Murray threw his shoulder at Petraitis, catching the ref’s attention. He also appeared to have words for the man in stripes and the Celtics bench.

Petraitis stared down Murray as the Hawks star was taken back to the locker room by teammates and Hawks personnel.


Hours after the loss, the NBA announced, via ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, that an investigation has been launched looking into Murray’s forceful bump.

This year’s NBA playoffs will surely be remembered for the aggressive antics. NBA audiences have enjoyed a wealth of content this postseason: from groin shots and chest stomps to players feuding with officials.

You can disagree with Murray’s aggression but the frustration was palpable at State Farm Arena. The Hawks are in elimination mode as they fall 3-1 in their series against Boston. Murray scored 26 points, adding nine rebounds and six assists.

Murray, who joined the team last offseason, boosted the Trae Young-led Hawks’ stock in the East. This series has proven that the Hawks, a team that fired their coach in-season, have deeper issues than the amount of talent on the roster.

It has to be a disappointing reality for the Hawks and Murray to face an early postseason exit. The series flips back to TD Garden on Tuesday. The two-seeded Celtics can close out the series.

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