A’s Manager Mark Kotsay Nearly Rips Ump’s Head Off After Terrible Call

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You know the one benefit of having nobody at a baseball game? You can hear everything on the field. Combine that with a couple well placed mics, and fans were treated to an absolute MELTDOWN Wednesday by Oakland A’s manager Mark Kotsay.

In what I assume will become a glorious tradition this year — at least until we all learn the delicacies of the new rules — Kotsay’s tantrum came after his player was rung up on a phantom Strike 3 — AKA, pitch clock violation.


A’s skipper Mark Kotsay goes nuts over strike 3 call

Amazing. If the pitch clock gives us this sort of controversy this season, we’re all in for a treat.


And by the way, Kotsay is 1000% right. The replay makes it crystal clear Diaz is trying to shake something off and then BAM, you’re out! Now, is he supposed to say something before walking off? Ask for time? Call for the trainer?

I have no idea — but the ump is looking RIGHT AT HIM as he’s walking a mile away from the plate. Why the hell else would he be doing that, blue?

A's manager Mark Kotsay ejected and goes nuts.

Anyway, it’s BS but it led to an all-time manager rant that nearly led to Mark Kotsay ripping someone’s head off.

You can tell as he finally turns around to walk away that it’s taking everything inside of him to not turn back around and start whipping ass.

Why’s he gotta tell you? He’s f–king standing here with his thumb! HE’S F–KING HURT!

Electric stuff here from Mark Kotsay. Love this dude. Not a bad little lefty hitter back in the day, either.

Written by Zach Dean

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