Hilariously Loud Butt Smack Goes Viral After Hot Mic Picks Up UAPB’s Pre-Snap Audible

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Arkansas-Pine Bluff did not fare well against Oklahoma State and its defense simply could not keep up. However, the visitors left it all out on the field and played with passion all the way through the final whistle.

Arkansas Pine Bluff Butt Smack Audible Check Viral Hot Mic
Arkansas-Pine Bluff visited Oklahoma State and things got cheeky, literally.
(Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

That passion and determination resulted in a hilarious viral moment.

Each year, as has been the case for quite some time, Power Five conference programs schedule early-season “buy games” against inferior opponents. For the big school, it is intended to offer something of a tune-up, as well as a “guaranteed” win that helps the program reach bowl eligibility.

Although the “buy games” are not always a “guaranteed” win (just ask Texas A&M), Saturday’s game was exactly that for Oklahoma State. The Cowboys were not going to lose to a a SWAC school that isn’t Jackson State and they didn’t. Mike Gundy’s squad went on to win 63-7.

Needless to say, the Golden Lions struggled to keep the home team’s offense in check. That was very apparent during the late first half.

An on-field mic picked up an incredibly funny moment revolving around an Arkansas-Pine Bluff butt slap.

As Ok. State lined up inside its own half, the UAPB defense was trying to get in formation. However, one of its defensive lineman did not shift to the proper gap.

After noticing that his tackle didn’t check down to the left side, one of the Lions linebackers stepped up to let him know. He can be heard screaming at his defensive tackle. And then he steps up to the line of scrimmage and slaps his butt.

The butt slap was either extremely hard, or the linebacker made perfect contact with the cheek. It was heard very loudly on the TV broadcast. Take a listen:

Butt slaps and defensive checks are common place on the gridiron. It was nothing unusual. But with that being said, it would be hard to find another thwack that could be heard so clearly at home.

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