UFC Octagon Girls Continue To Crush It On Spring Break In Mexico

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UFC octagon girls Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer and Brookliyn Wren continue to crush the content game while in Mexico.

Celeste and Palmer got to Mexico first, and immediately started lighting up social media while enjoying some sunshine on the beach.

After all, being an octagon girl is probably tasking at times, and you need time to recharge. Everyone needs a break from time to time. Some of us just hit the local bar.

UFC octagon girls head to Mexico. Different strokes for different folks.

Arianny Celeste and Palmer are now joined by Brookliyn Wren.

Well, backup has arrived in the form of fellow UFC octagon girl Brookliyn Wren, and the trio appears to be unstoppable south of the border.

Whether it’s TikTok or Instagram, all three can’t stop pumping out inside looks at their vacation in Mexico. It definitely looks like a good time. No doubt about that at all.

Arianny Celeste also might have given fans a bit of a hint of why this girls trip was organized. She captioned one post, “Who needs therapy, when u got your girls,” and followed that up with a TikTok about getting over a guy.

If she is bouncing back from something, she’s doing it in style.

The UFC octagon girls are incredibly popular.

One of Dana White’s greatest successes is making the UFC octagon girls legit stars. Can you name a single ring card girl in the boxing world?

The answer is no. At the very least, I couldn’t if you put a gun to my head. No shot in hell. Yet, the UFC’s lineup is incredibly popular, and none are more popular than Arianny Celeste or Brittney Palmer.

Brookliyn Wren is also building up a name for herself. She just has a long way to go before she catches the two mentioned above.

When will this little vacation/girls trip therapy session end? Who knows, but for now, the trip is pumping out prime internet content. You just love to see it.

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