Argentina Gets Naked, Goes Crazy During World Cup Victory Parade

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After an exhaustive OutKick Culture Department investigation, we are prepared to declare no country goes harder than Argentina after winning the World Cup.

We’re not talking about rioting, which turns into looting, which turns into dead bodies in the streets after a sports victory. We’re talking from a purely excited, naked and crazy aspect, nobody has come close to Argentina in the celebration department.

Not Philadelphia. Not Houston. Not France when it won the 2018 World Cup. Not Michigan State fans when they won a national title 20-something years ago and rioted. Patriots fans? No. Red Sox fans? No. Yankees fans? Not even close. Rams fans after they won the Super Bowl? Nope. WNBA fans? Come on, that’s not fair.

An Argentina fan celebrates the World Cup victory with a dance on top of a street light.
An Argentina fan celebrates the World Cup victory with a dance on top of a street light. / Daily Star / Instagram

Hands down, Tuesday across Argentina was something the world has never seen as millions of people jumped off bridges, climbed light posts, ripped off their shirts, fell off trucks and risked their lives in all sorts of different ways as the passion of holding soccer supremacy washed over them.

And many Argentines are crediting Noe Dreams1 and Milu Barbie, the duo at the World Cup Finals match who went topless for most of the game, for starting a “No Bra Day” that many Argentine women took part in Tuesday.

Two Instagram models & Lionel Messi literally caused tens of millions of fans to lose their damn minds and it’s beautiful.

Argentina gets naked during World Cup victory parade
Hey Argentina, let’s put some clothes on. / Twitter

In one video being shared around the world, a jubilant Argentine woman walks through the streets completely naked. No shoes. No socks. Naked as a jaybird.

Her arms are raised to the soccer gods. You can tell she’s thanking the soccer gods for sending Lionel Messi, the son of a steel factory worker and a mother who worked in manufacturing, to her country to help it win a World Cup.

It really is a beautiful scene as locals leave the woman to enjoy her moment in the sun.

A woman thanks the soccer gods for sending Lionel Messi to Argentina. / Twitter

You’re damn right that’s not happening at an Eagles parade. Now, would it happen at a Browns parade if/when that franchise wins the Super Bowl? Perhaps. Browns fans just might be the only group in the world who would be capable of out-performing Argentina.

Thank you Argentina for raising the bar around the world. Let this serve as a lesson to U.S. soccer fans who think they’re passionate about their national team. You have nothing on Argentina.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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