Arch Manning Drops Absolute Dime For The Best Touchdown Of His Life During Electric Second-Half Comeback Win

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Arch Manning was back at it again on Friday night. The nation’s top-ranked quarterback (except by ESPN, which just has to be different) continued to prove why he deserves the No. 1 spot.

Although Isidore Newman plays against lesser competition when compared to many other top high school programs, Manning takes full advantage. He made the defense look silly with his feet last week and threw a lot of touchdowns on Friday.

To get the scoring started, Manning found his tight end, best friend, and fellow Texas commit Will Randle on the first drive of the game. He rolled to his right and delivered a laser to his wide open target.

Despite the quick start, the Greenies fell behind 34-12 at halftime. It did not look good for Newman, which was trying to start the season undefeated at 3-0.

And then everything changed.

Arch Manning flipped a switch and went sicko mode.

With a deficit ahead of him, Manning relied on his wheels. He led a scoring drive to open the second half and capped it by breaking multiple tackles during a 35-yard touchdown scoot.

From there, Manning showed off his skills as a pass-catcher. The Greenies dialed-up a trick play. Manning caught the ball on a throwback and scampered to the two-yard-line before being brought down.

Newman proceeded to kick onside and actually recovered the ball. Manning immediately went back to work and connected for yet another touchdown.

Not long thereafter, after a stop by his defense, Manning threw the best touchdown of his high school career. It was an absolute dime that made a very, very loud statement— and it came on 4th down.

Manning took the snap, dropped back and looked left. As the pocket collapsed, he rolled out to his right, looked downfield and unleashed a bomb for six.

Look at the beautiful placement on this ball. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

Here is a full recap of Manning’s remarkable third quarter comeback:

Manning put the team on his back and led Isidore Newman, a 2A school, to a win over a 5A school.

The Greenies down by 18 at halftime and the nation’s top-ranked recruit led them back with his feet, hands and arm. He can really ball and that 4th down touchdown was truly special.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. I think he is a pretty solid QB prospect, but let’s be honest. He plays against private schools which would be 2A 3A level at best in TX, FL CA ect. It’s also been impossible to compare him to the other QB’s in his class, as he refused to attend any camps, be it UA, Elite 11 ect. Not sure why someone who is #1 wouldn’t at least want to see how he stacks up against his peers. How many D1 players is he facing in a given year, half a 2-3 at most, where the other top QB’s are facing that many on any given week.

  2. Good lord here we go again with more Arch love. Do’s OutKick know how many QB’s did the same thing Arch did last night against far superior talent? The consensus too 5 qb’s in this class alone all played better and against better competition. This kid is good really good. But let’s be real Arch Smith doesn’t even get close to making the front page at OutKick. At this point I’m wondering what amount of $ the Mannings are paying Clay to keep this hype alive. Get a grip fellas. You’ll see soon enough that this kid is just good. Not great and certainly not worth all of this hype.

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