Arby’s Made Wrapping Paper That Smells Like Meat

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The one thing everyone knows about Arby’s is that they have the meats. The fast-food restaurant has drilled that into the heads of anyone who has seen one of their commercials. The spots feature meat filled sandwiches with the unforgettable “We have the meats” slogan putting an exclamation point on the entire thing.

Last year Arby’s introduced wrapping paper that featured meat. This year they decided to step things up for the holiday season and added a meat scent to their wrapping paper. That’s right Arby’s made, and is selling, wrapping paper that smells like meat.

The wrapping paper features one of the restaurant’s roast beef offerings. They describe the paper this way, “When you’re torn between giving the “best” gift and the “best-wrapped” gift, why not do both?”

“This smoke-scented wrapping paper comes with some Arby’s-themed gift tags, just so you don’t mistake it for a gift to yourself.”

Meat Smells Shouldn’t Be Wasted On Wrapping Paper

Nothing says Merry Christmas like fast-food restaurant wrapping paper. Although, I have no idea who would buy this wrapping paper and I’m a big meat guy and a fan of many of what is offered at Arby’s.

If the wrapping paper isn’t for you they also have other holiday items for sale. Perhaps an Arby’s matching family pajama set or festive dog pajamas are more your speed. Or maybe you’re looking for a Christmas tree “meat skirt.” Unfortunately, they’re all sold out of their season’s meatings glass.

Again, I’m not sure who these things are for, but it’s a good way to distract from the other headlines they’ve made this year. You know, like when one of their managers was caught peeing in the milkshake mix.

Written by Sean Joseph

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