Police Catch Arby’s Manager Urinating Into Milkshake Mix Before Serving

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Washington State investigators are looking for any customers who bought and drank a milkshake from a local Arby’s last October. Because if they did, it’s likely that they drank a urine-contaminated shake.

Police obtained a video of an Arby’s manager named Stephen Sharp urinating in the milkshake mix on several occasions, to which he has since admitted.

Officials had obtained a warrant to search Sharp’s devices after learning that he downloaded child pornography on a computer at the Arby’s store at 221 Northeast 104th Ave. On those devices, police found both disturbing photos of minors and videos of Sharp peeing in the shakes.

Police have since charged Sharp with four counts of possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and assault.

Sharp told law enforcement that urinating in milkshakes that he later sold brought him “sexual gratification.” He’s a monster. A real-world villain.

Another Arby’s manager told police that the restaurant sold around 30-40 milkshakes on Oct. 30, one of the days that police found Sharp urinating in the mix.

Police are now asking anyone who purchased a milkshake from the store recently to come forward with their receipt.

Hmm. Don’t think a refund would due justice for drinking a chocolate shake mixed with urine. Nothing would.

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