Baseball Fans Hate Watching the Game on AppleTV+

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Apple made its live sports debut on Friday, with the exclusive broadcast of the Mets-Nationals matchup.

In addition, there’s extra attention on the game because it’s Max Scherzer’s first as a New York Met.

So if you think downloading the AppleTV+ app just to watch a baseball game is inconvenient for you, just think about the 70-year-old uncle in Queens yelling at his wife right now because he doesn’t know what an AppleTV+ is.

Old-timer Mets fans pay good money to watch every single Mets game on SNY. Therefore, stripping away their cable access for Scherzer’s debut is surely not going over well in households across New York.

We can report, however, that 2022 Woke All-Star Keith Olbermann was able to successfully locate AppleTV+ on his television. Nevertheless, MLB on Apple doesn’t impress Mr. Olbermann. Here’s his official grade:

Obviously, Olbermann’s opinion doesn’t carry much weight. No one likes him. However, people far more sane and credible also disapprove of the broadcast. For example, look at these random accounts complaining on Twitter:

Baseball fans can’t stand Apple’s broadcast booth. Apple is trying to spice up the game with untraditional voices. Melanie Newman (play-by-play), Chris Young (analyst) and Hannah Keyser (analyst) are the trio on the call tonight. It’s true. They are that bad.

At least baseball analyst Katie Nolan — yes, the one from ESPN — will work Apple’s second game of the night, the Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Angels at 9:30 p.m. ET. Plan accordingly.

On the bright side, the picture quality on Apple is top-notch, better than on TBS, and the score bug is simple. Take a look:

And for those who have figured out how to download AppleTV+ — a group that does not include Chris “Mad Dog” Russo — they should have no issues finding the play button. It’s the first option that pops up when you open the app:

I don’t mind MLB on Apple. But everyone else hates it. Darn.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I guess Apple couldn’t afford Eli Gold — the obviously best sports commentator in the world – he’s from Brooklyn and has probably more experience in calling BIG GAMES than anyone else in the world. You know, for “game #1,” you don’t spare any expense.

  2. This article got my curiosity up, so I watched 10 minutes of the Apple TV telecast of Mets v Nats. I normally don’t pay attention to the announcers. They really were quite awful. The baseball announcing equivalent of Kamala Harris as VPOTUS.

  3. I think it is disgraceful that MLB received $85 million for streaming these games when subscribers still have to pay full price for our subscription and we dont get these games. I don’t want to sign up for I have enough streaming services and all this is about is getting new subscribers for their lousy streaming content no one wants. Now I can hate Robert Manfred twice. First for being a pussy and taking the all star game out of Atlanta and now this. And enough with these incompetent girls on mlb radio. They all stink. If i hear their voices I turn the radio off. Give me the seasoned men who know the game!!!

  4. I really don’t understand MLBs approach to television. The blackout rules for MLB.TV subscribers are atrocious. Download the Apple TV+ app and pay for a subscription to watch a baseball game? Who would do that? Why only give fans one option to watch a game? Instead, have the game available in *all* the possible ways. Cable, MLB.TV, Streaming services… yes to all. Get as many eyes on your games as possible.

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