Apple Makes Katie Nolan a Baseball ‘Analyst’

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Apple announced its lineup of broadcasters for the debut of Friday Night Baseball tomorrow. The press release begins quietly, naming Melanie Newman and Stephen Nelson play-by-play commentators. Then, out of nowhere, Apple announces that it will feature Katie Nolan this season.

What’s more, Apple won’t use Nolan as a gimmick or a host. Per Apple’s wording, Nolan is the newest “baseball analyst.”

“Stephen Nelson (play-by-play), Hunter Pence (analyst), Katie Nolan (analyst), and Heidi Watney (reporter) comprise the crew that will call the Houston Astros at the Los Angeles Angels game at 9:30 p.m. ET,” Apple says.

Katie Nolan will work the booth like she’s Alex Rodriguez.

It pays well to be woke. No matter how many times you fail, a sports media company is waiting there to pick you up in spite of its viewers’ wishes.

Nolan left ESPN in September after ESPN canceled her TV show for low viewership and a high budget.

Since leaving ESPN, Nolan interviewed for the HBO show Game Theory. You know, the program HBO gave Bomani Jones. Say what you will about Nolan, but she would have done far better than Jones on HBO. Jones’ ratings are awful. Infomercials at 2 am are drawing better ratings than Bomani Jones is. Seriously.

Old school baseball fans are in for a treat tomorrow night. First, they have to learn what an AppleTV+ is. And if they can properly find, download and use the app, they will learn of this baseball savant called Katie Nolan.

When you think baseball analysis, you think Katie Nolan. At least I do.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. As if I needed another reason not to waste my time with Apple TV’s attempts to cover MLB. I guess Jemele Hill or Cari Champion weren’t available so bringing in the perennial failure that is Katie Nolan was the best that Apple could do.

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