Antonio Brown Tells YouTuber Adam22 That He Wants To Have Sex With His Wife Lena The Plug

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Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has thrown his name on a growing list of people who want to sleep with YouTuber and podcast host Adam22’s porn star wife Lena The Plug.

For those not familiar with everything that has been going down, Lena recently filmed a scene with porn star Jason Luv. It was the first time she had worked with another man in the since she and Adam22 had been together.

The end of that seven year stretch has created a ton of buzz, which has been good for business. PornHub searches for the two of them have gone through the roof, but it’s also attracted others in and outside of the industry interested in working with Lena.

Antonio Brown, who lives for controversy these days, is one of those outside of the industry who is interested. And on Wednesday afternoon he decided that he was going to stir things up on social media by letting his interest be known. He tweeted, “Lemme get next @Adam22.”

The obvious request to hookup with Adam22’s wife was met with an insult. The podcaster fired back a few minutes after Brown’s tweet, “What are you gonna do with it with your little ass meat.”

Not one to get the hint, and take no for an answer, Brown responded, “It’s a game of inches, you must not have checked the snap #putthatshiton.”

Lena The Plug And Adam22 Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Adam22 said what he needed to and didn’t respond any further to Brown. But his wife, Lena, decided to hit back with a response of her own.

The “too hot for daycare” mom and porn star replied, “Antonio, I’m a married woman. 😇”

Again, unable to tell when he’s being told no, Brown had a response lined up for Lena. He responded by saying, “That didn’t stop you last time baby.”

Now to some there’s probably not much of difference when it comes to having sex with another man while married. But when you make porn for a living there is.

Lena had sex with a porn star for work. She’s not hooking up with random former professional athletes who are tweeting at her husband.

As I said, many aren’t making that kind of distinction when it comes to married life. However, one is just business and business is booming for Lena and Adam right now.

Antonio Brown shooting his shot, despite missing badly, is probably pretty good for business too.

Written by Sean Joseph

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